A significant challenge for an interdisciplinary program such as the Bachelor of Journalism Degree is to ensure students meet the responsibilities in all their courses.  That said, we believe a valuable addition to a student’s journalism education is practical experience.  A practicum offers a realistic examination of the professional working world and consistently translates to future success if undertaken after the completion of foundational course instruction.  For these reasons, we designed our Apprenticeships Program for senior-level students. 

It is important to note that any unpaid internship is illegal unless it falls within narrow exceptions as outlined by the Employment Standards in the jurisdiction in which the placement occurs.  For example, the applicable exception listed in the Ontario Employment Standards Act mandates that student participants have an apprenticeship/internship requirement attached to their academic program.  Our program complies with said regulations.  At Carleton, this requirement commences once a Bachelor of Journalism student achieves third and fourth year standing (BJ3, BJ4).  In order to monitor compliance, and as a matter of control, it is essential for all students to arrange unpaid work in consultation with the Apprenticeships Program Supervisor.  We urge students with first and second year standing (BJ1, BJ2) to adhere to employment standards and refrain from participating in unpaid offerings.  For those eager to gain practical experience prior to third year, we recommend paid employment. 

Once again, as a student with third and fourth-year standing, you have an apprenticeship/internship requirement.  You are also eligible to participate in the Apprenticeships Program and may utilize it to meet this requirement.  We provide a comprehensive orientation in September along with login access for this site.  We encourage you to review information on our website prior to making inquiries.  Between the orientation and the site, most (if not all) of your questions will be answered.  The “announcements” portion of our site is a good resource for timeframes and details.  The Faculty Apprenticeships Program Supervisor is available to clarify outstanding questions you may have related to the Program, your apprenticeship/internship requirement, practicums and unpaid work opportunities.  Include your student number and use your My Carleton One email account when contacting the Program Supervisor.  We will make every effort to address your inquiries in a timely manner and ask for your patience during high volume periods.

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