The School of Journalism and Communication sees each apprenticeship as a valuable addition to a student’s journalism education.  We pride ourselves in collaborating with employers who generously contribute to the development of future journalists and communications specialists.  Our employer partners deliver true learning experiences for each intern with work suited to their academic background and training: opportunities to research and write stories for newspapers, television, radio or online publications; prepare stories for communications firms or for in-house specialty publications; and cover news conferences, write news releases, and edit copy.  A key objective of our program is to ensure that both students and employers have a meaningful experience.

Our Apprenticeships Program matches students and employers predominately during the fall and winter academic terms for full-time placements of one to four weeks in duration.  Part-time opportunities can be considered if the placement is in Ottawa.  Exposing our students to a true work environment is essential so home-based work is strongly discouraged.

It is important to note that any unpaid internship is illegal unless it falls within narrow exceptions as outlined by the Employment Standards in the jurisdiction in which the placement occurs.  For example, the applicable exception listed in the Ontario Employment Standards Act mandates that eligible student participants have an apprenticeship/internship requirement attached to their academic program.  Our program complies with said regulations.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of an affiliation or have questions about how our program might meet your organization’s current requirements, please contact the Apprenticeships Supervisor.  While our deadline for participation is August 31, you may contact us throughout the year as we may be able to facilitate a solution to your requirement that is mutually beneficial.

If you have a full or part-time employment opportunity to advertise that is suitable for a recent graduate or current student in the fields of journalism or communication, tap into a pool of educated and trained employees by contacting our Career Services and Resource Centre Coordinator, Alex Putinski at 


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